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New Plaque Plate

New Plaque Plate

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Did you purchase a plaque and then decide you would like something else on it?  Did you scratch your plaque name plate and need a replacement? Here's your solution!

Select this item, fill out all the information, and we will send you a new name plate for your existing region plaque.

Shipping and Handling will be at a reduced rate of $2.00 and will be shipped by USPS standard mail.  DO NOT select 'Pickup' at a region concert.

You will need to remove the existing name plate.  Recommendation: use dental floss to go between the plate and the wood and gently try to break the bond to release the plate; or, use guitar picks or other soft plastic to wedge underneath the long sides of the plate.  Be careful when removing the plate that you do not scratch the top of the plaque.

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